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New Tendencies in Music Industry: Music Information Retrieval

Paper / Makale, 2015

Nowadays, different studies on music technology are available exception of recording, processing and analyzing of music. Especially thanks to the opportunities provided by the internet technology in recent years, one of these studies is Music Information Retrieval (MIR). The purpose of MIR is to query by humming, whistling etc. of music using computer as text-based queries on internet search engine.

In this study, the important studies on MIR during the last decade and technical contents of some popular MIR software such as Shazam, SoundHound are discussed. As a result, MIR is a new issue on music industry with their operating principles of popular applications and even their servicing to the musicians and music education.

"MIR studies which was only studied in computer sciences, but with the advancing of the technology involving many multi disciplines particularly music science and technology, has currently become a part of the music industry with the applications developed for mobile hardware."


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