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A Survey of Melody Extraction Techniques for Music Information Retrieval

Proceeding/Bildiri Kitapçığı, 2008

#FullPaper (Eng.)

Instead of monophonic music data, current contend-based music information retrieval systems aim

to install polyphonic music data into database for music information retrieval. In monophonic music, no new notebegins until the current note has finishedsounding. Sources are restricted to one- dimensional note sequences. Polyphonic music adds yet another complication. A note may begin before a previousnote finishes[23].Once you are thinking of a monophonic query , it is difficultfor researchersto compire to monophonicquery with polyphonicmusicin database. Thus, it belongs to thiscategory the abilityto identify the role of each monophonicinstrumental line in a polyphonic piece of music. A canonnical way of reducing theproblem of polyphonic music comparison to the monophoniccase seemsto be the separation of the polyphonic piece intoseveral monophonicones. But, the seperation of the polyphonic music is not enough to answer of monophonic music piece correctly on the retrieval system. Another way to change from polyphonic music intomonophony is to extract the melody of music and we want to look from a different aspect which is to extract one specific monophonic representation.

Melody extraction, sometimes called monophonic reduction, means that a polyphonic source is reduced to a monophonic sourceby selectingat most one note at every timestep.This monophonic sequence of notes can then be further deconstructed using the monophonic feature selection techniques in music informationretrieval. Themonophonic sequence that most researchersattempt

to extract is the “melody”. The typical query on a music database is likely to be the main melody

line, so identifying this is of particular interest. In this paper, how to melody extraction techniques and which algorithm to implement from the polyphonic scoreshas also been explored.

“The purpose of a melody extraction techniques is to identify sequences of notes that are likely to correspond to the perceived melody; given the volumes of music available online, it is not practicable to do this by hand. In terms of the needs of the user, a user may wish to query on a distinctive musical pattern that occurs in an accompanyingpart.”

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